Findball – The Ultimative Game Of Focus v1.3 – Interesting arcade game “Finding the Ball” for Android,
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Findball – The Ultimative Game Of Focus – Find the Ball: Focus is a very interesting game with very simple designs and ideas, which despite its apparent simplicity, is a very attractive and challenging game. The game was produced by the independent Swiss studio Eren Öksüz and is available for Android devices for $ 1.99. Usroid once again and for the first time among all Iranian websitesHas prepared and introduced this game. In Findball – The Ultimative Game Of Focus, you have to follow and find the balls marked with a specific color in a focused and mental game. Let’s recount the style of play a little easier. In this game, each ball moves several balls in a rectangular box. These balls are directed around by hitting each other or hitting the walls of this box. This allows you to see several balls moving side by side at the same time. These balls do not stop moving until the main timer is completed, and this is the main challenge of the game. But what is the style of play? Among these red balls, there are several different yellow ones. As soon as you start the game, the yellow balls are shown to you and after a few seconds, they also turn the color of the other balls and continue to move side by side.


Findball – The Ultimative Game Of Focus


In Findball – The Ultimative Game Of FocusIt takes 10 seconds for the balls to start and move. After this 10 seconds all the balls stop and now it’s time to identify the yellow balls you were looking for! To do this, you have to tap on them to get their points. If you have chosen the wrong ball, the game shows you that you have made a mistake by showing a cross on that ball. It does not matter how many balls you correctly recognize, but it is enough to misidentify one ball to lose the game and start your score from zero! The more steps you take, the more the number and speed of the balls. In addition, at the beginning of the game you can start the game in three modes: easy, normal or hard. Obviously, in a difficult situation, your challenges will be much greater. Findball – The Ultimative Game Of Focus has an online leaderboard and displays the highest scores and records in this section. Do you think that you can become one of these record holders? This game is a concentration game that is not only a challenging pastime, but also helps to increase the power of the mind and especially your concentration and senses. If you want to experience this fascinating game, you can easily update the latest version of it purchased for free and tested fromDownload Usroid . This game with low volume, simple and fantasy graphics and fun gameplay can be a great option in the style of arcade and record-breaking games for you.

Changes in version v1.3:

* Optimized graphics and gameplay