FineReader PDF Pro-PDF Document Scanner App + OCR v15.2.0.7 – Powerful and versatile Android scanner app
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FineReader PDF Pro-PDF Document Scanner App + OCRIs a powerful and versatile scanner for the Android operating system, developed by ABBYY Mobile and published on Google Play. Today, smartphones not only offer us their own features; Rather, by providing a variety of services, they make users’ needs for other digital tools less and less. Scanners are among the devices that we may need in many cases. Various manufacturers and companies have introduced various scanners so far; Scanners, some of which are connected to personal computers or scanners that can be used in the form of small gadgets. But the point is important; It is expensive to provide these scanners; To the extent that even some gadgets with this feature are more expensive than professional scanners! With all these interpretations, some developers are introducing software that can be used to turn Android smartphones into full-featured scanners. Although Usroid website has introduced the best of these scanners so far, but in this post we also want to introduce you to FineReader PDF Pro.

FineReader PDF Pro The first Android scanner equipped with artificial intelligence

FineReader PDF Pro can be described as a scanner of documents, receipts, business cards and books. If we want to be honest with you, we must say that so far no better and more feature-packed software has been created for Android than FineReader PDF Pro. It may be hard to believe, but the features of this startup put it several times higher than CamScanner. As we mentioned, one of the best features of this wonderful startup is its use of artificial intelligence. This artificial intelligence allows you dear ones to scan your files very accurately and memorize the details completely. The scanned files are available in two formats, pdf and jpeg, the use of each of which depends only on you and your needs.

Unique OCR feature for text extraction

One of the most important features that FineReader PDF Pro provides to its users is the ability to extract text from scanned files. As the best Android scanner in the world, the above app can identify texts in 193 different languages ​​and extract them in 12 text formats such as word, txt, xls and.. It may be unbelievable, but unlike many similar software to extract text from images, you will not need the Internet. By connecting this software to cloud servers, all files are automatically saved in Google Drive after scanning, so that you can access them again if needed.

Smart Gallery is an attractive and lovely feature

One of the attractive and practical features of FineReader PDF Pro is the Smart Document Gallery, which puts scanned files or extracted text into 7 specific categories. All you have to do is scan your favorite files and categorize them in this software. Unlike many similar scanners available in the Android Market, there is an option to scan multi-page documents. With this option, you can quickly scan your multi-page documents or books and download them as a pdf file. In addition, the automatic scanning system performs the task of capturing images completely automatically! To do this, you no longer need to touch the screen when activating the camera, just flip through the documents you need to have the smart system recognize the borders and store them in your smartphone’s memory.

Some features and capabilities of FineReader PDF Pro-PDF Document Scanner App + OCR Android:

  • Scan all kinds of documents, business cards, articles and…. In pdf or jpeg files
  • Scan the texts in the documents and extract them in the form of TXT files
  • Use the fantastic OCR feature and extract text documents with support for 193 different languages
  • Provide output of extracted text in 12 different formats
  • Use artificial intelligence to provide results with very high accuracy
  • Connect the application to cloud servers and create a backup copy of all your data
  • Smart gallery to classify information into 7 different groups
  • Search for images based on the text in them
  • Ability to scan documents in multi-page mode
  • Super system for automatic identification and scanning of documents without the need to touch the screen
  • Access to several different filters when scanning documents
  • Use different tags for saved documents

Application FineReader PDF Pro-PDF Document Scanner App to take advantage of the features and functionality of its versatile scanning of documents has been able to price its $ 28.99 Rating: 4.0 out of 5.0 by Google users receive. Now you can download the latest version of it without any restrictions from the popular and visited Usroid website.


FineReader PDF Pro-PDF Document Scanner App + OCR