Firefox Focus: Private Browser v92.1.1 – Android Firefox Focus Safe and Anti-Advertising Browser app
released for the first time in USA only hours after its release

If you’ve been a fan of web browsing , you’ve probably heard of Firefox ! A browser that gives its users a unique experience with its high speed. As one of the top Internet browsers among hundreds of powerful competitors, Firefox has been able to gain the trust of its users and place its browser in millions of smart systems. As you know, due to the high potential of the Internet to introduce the products of profiteers, it has taken action and with its countless and confusing advertisements, has caused users to ask Firefox to develop a fast and anti-advertising browser again; Firefox also respects the demand of its users, and several months ago, it released the initial versions of its secure browser, Firefox Focus: Private Browser has been released for the iOS operating system, and now we are going to introduce the Android version of this fast and secure browser to you USA Android users. With the support of a fully intelligent system, this application detects a wide range of Internet trackers by default, and by blocking ads, it gives you a wonderful experience of a smooth review of web pages. In addition, a new and efficient system is included in this application, with which you will be able to easily delete cookies and browser history and leave no trace of yourself in the web world. It’s also a good idea to keep in mind that the app’s anti-advertising system saves a lot of attention on the Internet because it prevents ads from running.

Some features and capabilities of Firefox Focus: Private Browser for Android:

  • Coverage of automatic search and blocking of a wide range of Internet trackers
  • Ability to search the Internet privately without leaving any trace of you on the web
  • A completely secure review by protecting the privacy of users in a special way
  • Easier access to delete browsing history and cookies
  • High speed and smooth experience in searching web pages
  • Save on Internet usage by blocking ads
  • Supports default search engines such as Google and Yahoo
  • High speed data processing

The Firefox Focus: Private Browser , due to its high security and anti-advertising intelligent system, has only been able to block the 4.3 out of 5.0 rating by Android Market users just an hour after its release, and you can now download the latest version of this application. Get Usroid from high speed servers.


Firefox Focus: Private Browser