FitOn – Free Fitness Workouts & Personalized Plans v4.9.0
FitOn – Free Fitness Workouts Professional and full version of the program  

These days, there are many tendencies for fitness and weight loss among people in society, and losing weight and achieving a fit body has become a concern for most people. There are different ways to achieve fitness and today in Usroid we are at your service with a program that provides you with a set of these methods for free. FitOn – Free Fitness Workouts & Personalized PlansThe title of an application for achieving slimming and fitness is for the Android operating system, which was developed by FitOn and published for free on Google Play. With this program, you can lose weight, sweat and exercise anytime and anywhere. There are various exercises that you can do anywhere and use the trainings of famous trainers to get to your desired body quickly. There are hundreds of videos and training articles in this program that you can use to achieve your goal. In this program, tailored to your needs and goals, personal training programs are generated for you by entering information about Practice in each session, you can track your progress in performing programs by software. The weight loss and fitness exercises and programs that are in the program are all provided by trainers and fitness specialists to be the most effective and effective. By installing this program, you will have access to a collection of professional and expensive trainers and benefit from their training. We recommend that you read the articles in the program because it provides you with very useful information that will definitely help you achieve the goal and have a better performance.

Some features and capabilities of FitOn app – Free Fitness Workouts & Personalized Plans Android :

  •  Includes yoga exercises to achieve relaxation and reduce stress
  •  Contains hundreds of training videos to learn effective and useful sports movements for fitness
  •  Ability to perform movements at home, club and workplace
  •  Includes training from well-known coaches such as Janet Jenkins or Cassie Ho
  •  Has dedicated exercises from Julian Huff and other coaches
  •  No need to subscribe
  •  Ability to create exercise programs tailored to your goals
  •  Includes exercises for rapid weight loss, muscle building, increasing physical endurance, fitness and reducing stress
  •  Classification of exercises based on the focused part of the body, the length of the exercise and their intensity
  •  Has exercises with short time and high effectiveness
  •  Ability to join a live class and practice with others
  •  Ability to compete with friends and share your results with them
  •  Provide complete statistics on how you are performing and progressing

FitOn app – Free Fitness Workouts & Personalized Plans is a great program to achieve fitness, which with the satisfaction of Android users was able to receive an excellent score of 4.8 out of 5.0 from Google Play users. Now you can download the professional version of this program with all the features and capabilities from Usroid for free.

Version v4.9.0 changes : 

* Ability to invite others and make video calls with them to perform exercises in groups


FitOn - Free Fitness Workouts & Personalized Plans Full