FizzUp – Online Fitness & Nutrition Coaching v4.5.18 فیزآپ – مربی تغذیه و فیتنس آنلاین
Premium and complete version of the program

Achieving a fit and attractive body is everyone’s dream in today’s world. Unfortunately, due to the sedentary lifestyle that most people have today, they are mostly overweight. Being overweight, especially in the belly and hips area, can have a very negative impact on people’s physical attractiveness and reduce their self-confidence. For this reason, many people try to lose weight and return to their ideal state by going to the gym. That is why in recent years, the number of gyms for bodybuilding, aerobics, and … has grown significantly. Going to the gym and exercising in such environments requires a significant amount of time, which most people do not have due to their busy schedule. Such people can exercise wherever they are. To do this, they only need an effective and proven training program, which they will get by installing the app we introduce today on Usroid, FizzUp – Online Fitness & Nutrition Coaching, a collection of effective exercises and workout programs designed specifically for the Android operating system, developed by Fysiki and available for free on Google Play. Say goodbye to exhausting and repetitive exercises, because with this program, you no longer need to do ineffective and exhausting exercises over and over again. All the exercises in this program are simple, short, and very effective. This app has been designed with a motivational system that encourages you to do more and more regular exercises. In addition, there is also a nutrition guide system in the software that allows you to have access to a set of healthy and useful foods. You can specify each of your meals and record them in the program so that nothing is overlooked in monitoring and control.

Some features and capabilities of the FizzUp – Online Fitness & Nutrition Coaching app for Android:

  • More than 100 original exercise programs
  • Providing a calculated and precise exercise program for each week
  • Having various exercises for each of your muscles and body parts
  • More than 250 nutritional programs and healthy and useful cooking instructions with videos
  • Includes yoga sessions to bring you more relaxation and focus
  • Visual exercise tutorials

The FizzUp – Online Fitness & Nutrition Coaching app has helped millions of people reach their desired body shape and has received a 4.4 out of 5.0 rating from Android users with their satisfaction. Now, you can get the premium version of this app with all its features and capabilities completely free from Usroid.

Version Changes v4.5.18:

* New medals to motivate users


FizzUp Premium