Flava™ – Note/Journal is a free note-taking software for the Android operating system that has been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times from the Google Play store and has won the Best App of the Year 2013 award on many different websites. It is available to the general public on the Android market: “Remember your valuable life and happy moments with Flava!” This software provides you with many unique features and conditions that allow you to easily record your daily notes; your entire life in a unique digital notebook!

Until now, we have introduced various applications for note-taking, all of which were among the top apps. Today, we have also introduced Flava, which is worth trying!

Some of the features and capabilities of the Flava™ – Note/Journal Android app:

* The possibility of recording notes with text attachments, photos, audio, video, location, etc.

* Having a powerful playback function to display images from past moments with beautiful background music

* The possibility of importing your life moments from social networks Facebook and Twitter

* Having a powerful lock function to prevent other people from accessing the user’s notes

* Possibility of taking a backup copy of information and notes for other uses

* Having a unique and exclusive timetable with the ability to log in to the system

* Having an incredibly easy and user-friendly interface; without any ambiguity

The Flava™ – Note/Journal application is now rated 4.4 out of 5.0 on the Android market. Today, we are providing you with the latest version for free and with a direct link on Usroid. We hope it will be useful.

* Addressing issues and improving program performance


Download Flava ™ - Note / Journal - Android daily notes app



Download Flava™ – Note/Journal Android Apk - FREE NEW



Download Flava™ – Note/Journal Android Apk - FREE NEW