Flick Goal! v1.83 Mod – A very beautiful and well-made game “Pulse Strokes” for Android Trailer
Ordinary version of Mod version (features mentioned) separately
tested with offline execution

Flick Goal – Implanted Strikes is a very beautiful and creative game in the style of sports and action, which has been prepared and published by Gameguru Studio in the United Arab Emirates. Other well-made and popular Gameguru games include Racing Fever and Moto Racing . Flick Goal competes with cool games like Cool Goal It’s made and released, and it’s very similar to Cool Gool, but there are some great features in this game that make Flick Goal a completely unique and unique game. In Flick Goal, your shooting skills are tested on free kicks. In this game, you have to shoot the ball towards the goal in different situations. There are many obstacles and puzzle situations in Flick Goal that will make it challenging for you to do so. These puzzles are very creative and attractive at the same time, and at the same time, they can entertain you and bring you a completely new experience. Football station kicks always have a special charm, and now you can experience this charm in this game in a different style. You can shoot very attractive and spectacular shots with cut shots and get special points.


Flick Goal


Flick Goal It has very attractive features, the most important part of which is probably the online competition. In this section, you can play online with other players in 1 to 1 competitions or even 3 to 3 competitions and show your skills to others. These competitions are very attractive, exciting and breathtaking, and the winner can use special points. By earning money and points from stages or competitions, you can unlock more characters or many interesting items such as beautiful skins for balls. In the single player section of the game, you can unlock more sections by rejecting the steps. Flick Goal with its 3D and fancy graphics, which of course comes with very good optimizations, can run well on most mid-range Android devices. The gameplay is also designed so that you can shoot the balls from the right view. After hitting the ball, the game viewer follows the path of the ball well so that you can understand how to hit. There are dozens of fun and very interesting puzzles and puzzles in Flick Goal that can keep you entertained for a long time. In the online section, you can show off your skills to others and have more fun in these competitions with this fascinating and lovable game. Usroid prepares the latest version of this fascinating and entertaining game and invites you to download the regular or modded version. The game has had 1 million downloads on Google Play so far, with a score of 4.3 out of 5.0 . To get more familiar with the game and the challenges in it, you can download and watch the trailer video of its introduction from the download box section.

Changes to version v1.83:

* Remove minor bugs