Flip Rider – BMX Tricks v2.28 + Mod – Fun and very attractive sports game “Professional cyclist” for Android
Normal version + Mod version (Unlimited coins and diamonds + unlocking all items) Tested separately
with Offline run

Flip Rider – BMX Tricks is a very beautiful and attractive game from the famous and well-known game company Miniclip.com, the creator of popular games such as Soccer Stars , 8 Ball Pool , Football Strike and… Designed and developed in the style of BMX cycling and dramatic movements. As always and once again, we are proud to announce that Usroid is the first Iranian websiteOn the web, it has prepared, prepared and reviewed another interesting and exciting game for you dear ones, and has provided the latest version along with a modded version for download. Flip Rider – BMX Tricks Like all other games made by Miniclip Studio, it is very creatively designed. In this game, there is no news of complex elements, and on the other hand, eye-catching graphics and dynamic gameplay and very dynamic game provide you with a completely unique experience. Stay tuned to Usroid for an overview of the features of this interesting and exciting game.


Flip Rider - BMX Tricks


Flip Rider – BMX Tricks at first glance, it seems like a fun game, but if we want to examine it fairly, we must say that this game, despite its simple idea and seemingly easy gameplay, is a professional and exciting sports game. In this game, your scheduling skills will be challenged. In Flip Rider – BMX Tricks you are in the role of BMX professional cyclists and you have the opportunity to collect more money and diamonds to buy more characters, various skills and dramatic movements as well as more professional bikes. Your job is to collect points and set records by performing dramatic moves on special cycling tracks. At the beginning of the game, your cyclist will move towards the jump point and you must make the desired dramatic movement at the right time and try to land correctly, otherwise the cyclist will hit the ground. If you hit the ground, you will lose and all your points and records will be lost. The dramatic moves in the game are numerous and varied and can be a fascinating and entertaining arithmetic. The game will take place in different maps and places, but the general gameplay process will be the same in all these maps. Undoubtedly, along with this attractive gameplay and trend, great graphics and realistic game designs are another strength of the game. If you want to know more about this beautiful game, you can watch the trailer video of its introduction and then, if you wish, from the download box. Usroid Download the game in normal or mod mode.