Flip Skater v2.0 + Mod – Fun and sports game of skilled skater Android + trailer of
the original version + mod version (mode features) individually
tested with offline performance

We are all very familiar with Miniclip.com. A very professional and active game development studio in the field of mobile and small game production, whose amazing and revolutionary games have become famous and popular among everyone. One of the main interests and styles of this Swiss game studio is making sports games, but different and new. After dozens of games introduced by this company, this time we have moved on to another popular Miniclip studio game; The name of this beautiful game is Flip Skater and it has been produced and published in the style of skateboarding. In Flip Skater, you are in the role of a professional skater and you have to participate in various competitions and earn points by performing dramatic movements with a skateboard. In this sports game, Various characters are designed and you can play with each of them. Like other games in this studio, Flip Skater has a lot to offer in terms of upgrades and personalization; You can buy the characters and the skateboards themselves and upgrade them with the points earned to improve their performance. Also, unlike almost all Miniclip studio games that require the Internet, Flip Skater does not require the Internet to run the game. There are several stages during the game. You can also travel to different parts of the world and take part in competitions set for each country. During the game, newer items and upgrades can be achieved by advancing to higher levels. You can have a more interesting show and earn more points by learning new moves and tricks! The game’s graphics are excellent and good due to its appropriate size. Also, the simple style of the game makes you learn to play in less than a few seconds and have no problem doing it. But learning how to play is the easiest part; The possibility of performing the dramatic movements correctly is its challenging part. Can you learn all these dramatic moves and perform them without falling?

Some of the most important features of Flip Skater Android sports game:

  • Ability to choose and benefit from different skateboards with their own features
  • Ability to release and select characters (skaters) with exclusive arts and skills
  • Ability to upgrade items in stages to increase efficiency
  • Travel to different parts of the world and participate in various competitions
  • Ability to perform dozens of beautiful dramatic moves, including items such as Nose grabs, Rocket airs, Frontside airs to earn points
  • Ability to learn new tricks and dramatic moves by advancing the game to higher levels

Beautiful and attractive game Flip Skater is a great and recommended game for skateboarding enthusiasts. By downloading and installing this game from Usroid , you can entertain yourself for hours on a sporty and challenging game and enjoy doing it! It is noteworthy that the beautiful game of Flip Skater has been downloaded more than 5 million times on Google Play and the vote obtained by it is 4.4 out of 5.0 .

Changes in version v2.0:

* Fixed game bugs


Flip Skater