Float Tube-Few Ads, Floating Player, Tube Floating v1.5.22 – Watch Youtube while doing other tasks
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YouTube is one of the most popular and largest social networks in the world. This social network is dedicated to sharing videos, and users can share all kinds of videos with others in the best quality, or watch videos shared by others. There are hundreds of millions of videos on YouTube, and the number is constantly increasing, with thousands of new videos being added to it. Almost anything you search for, you can find at least one video about it on YouTube. This large and dynamic nature of YouTube is the main reason for its extraordinary popularity among users. Many users use YouTube to watch interesting and entertaining clips, but many also use this social network for learning and acquiring various information. In any case, YouTube has become a part of the daily life of millions of people, and many watch it while doing various tasks. By default, when you are watching YouTube on your phone, you cannot do anything else, but today we have a program that completely solves this problem. Float Tube-Few Ads, Floating Player, Tube Floating is an application for floating YouTube and watching it while doing other tasks on your phone and tablet, specifically for the Android operating system, developed by Ruffy and published for free on Google Play. By installing this program, a floating window is available to you, which you can place anywhere on your screen and adjust its size as desired. This window is always above other windows, so you will never miss your favorite programs on YouTube. You don’t have to worry about high battery consumption by the program, because this program will consume battery exactly like the original YouTube program.

Some features and capabilities of the Float Tube-Few Ads, Floating Player, Tube Floating Android app:

  • Creating a floating window on the phone for watching YouTube while doing other tasks
  • Ability to automatically play next clips
  • Ability to move the floating window and place it in the desired location on the screen
  • Ability to resize the floating window
  • Show the floating window above all other windows
  • Quick switch to full-screen mode for better clip viewing

The Float Tube-Few Ads, Floating Player, Tube Floating app is an incredibly useful and efficient tool for all YouTube fans and users. It has received a rating of 4.4 out of 5.0 from Android users on Google Play, with user satisfaction. You can now get the premium version of this app with all its features and capabilities for free from Usroid.


Float Tube-Few Ads, Floating Player, Tube Floating