Floating Browser Flux is a simple and classic web browser for viewing web pages on Android smartphones, which allows you to load the pages of websites and blogs at high speed and in a beautiful environment, and add as many tabs as you want. Open.

This web browser has a Windows-like appearance, and with features such as displaying images with the highest possible quality, using cyberspace pages as easily as possible, and having a simple appearance, you can experience a different web browsing and search on your device. Brings.

Some features of Floating Browser Flux web browser:

* Can be installed on all Android phones

* Open an unlimited number of windows

* Quick search on search engines

* Free from any ads

* Ability to create and manage bookmarks

* Display web pages in the most beautiful way possible

You can download the latest version of Floating Browser Flux web browser for free with a direct link from Usroid .

 Changes in version v1.1.0:

* Added new long push feature to open new window

* Fixed browser related issues


Download Floating Browser Flux!  - Android Internet browser