Floating Stopwatch, free multitasking timer v5.1 Mod – Android floating stopwatch application for
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Cornometers are one of the simplest tools that are used by users every day and can have different uses. By default, all Android smartphones have a stopwatch, but using them is subject to staying on the same page, and to view the time, you need to call the desired page. Floating Stopwatch, free multitasking timer The title is an Android floating stopwatch developed by SmoothMobile, LLC and published on Google Play. As the title suggests, the main feature of this stopwatch is that it is floating; So that when you watch videos, you can see the images or even lock the screen. Unlike some similar tools, taking advantage of this stopwatch does not require access to the Internet, and determining its position on the screen depends only on you dear ones. In addition, users have full access to the settings and can customize anything they want. The coding of this stopwatch is such that it does not consume much and uses the least amount of RAM and battery.

Some features and capabilities of Floating Stopwatch, free multitasking timer for Android:

  • Access to a floating stopwatch without any restrictions
  • Place the stopwatch on different parts of the screen
  • Use it when viewing images, playing videos or locking the screen
  • Personalize different parts of it according to your personal needs
  • No need for any internet access to use the stopwatch
  • Less use of smartphone resources such as batteries and RAM
  • Very simple and easy user interface

The Floating Stopwatch, free multitasking timer app , with its $ 2.89 network features and payments, attracts more than a million users, and you can now access the latest version and its mod without any restrictions. Get features from Usroid website . This program is introduced at your request.

V5.1 version changes:

* Troubleshoot the program and improve its performance


Floating Stopwatch, free multitasking timer