Flood of Light v3.0.0 – brain teaser and puzzle game for Android + trailer
price $ 1.99 – Introducing the purchased version
tested with offline performance

Flood of Light – a flood of new and fun puzzle games in the style of puzzle and brain games from Irisloft Studio for Android devices , which was released hours ago for $ 1.99 in the big Google market, and again, as always, we decided for the first time in IranIntroduce it to you, the fans of intellectual games and puzzles, and make your loved ones happy once again! The general story of the game is told in the language of the creator as follows: “You are in the role of a mysterious girl who enters a flooded city; A city flooded by rain! This mysterious girl has the ability to control the light that will help you to progress during the game; With the supernatural power of this girl, you are able to solve various puzzles in different parts of the city to save the lives of the people of this city by suppressing the flood! “By saving the lives of the people of the city, you will gradually realize the purpose of this mysterious girl in this city. Solving various puzzles in this game will keep you busy for hours, and in general, your main mission is to save the flooded people of this beautiful city!” If you are a fan and fan of puzzle and intellectual games, Flood of Light game will attract your attention with its excellent construction.

Some features of the Flood of Light Android brain teaser and puzzle game:

  • Unique mechanics: Provide a great experience with a brand new unlike similar games
  • Complete puzzles: Solve puzzles with the help of light and increase the ability by advancing the steps
  • High content: Includes 9 chapters with over 60 stages and over 20 unique mechanics
  • Amazing hand drawn 2D graphics: Excellent and amazing city design
  • Hidden Collection: Collect all the Wick to find out the main story of the city
  • Great design, great sound with addictive gameplay and a volume of less than 100 MB

Flood of Light game has no sales until the moment we are introducing it, and by downloading it from Usroid , you are one of the first global users to experience it; If you are a fan of puzzle games, download and install the first version of the game right now, connect your headphones to the phone and enter a different puzzle game with a special design and nail yourself to the phone for a few hours.

Changes in version v3.0.0:

* Various optimizations and game troubleshooting.


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