Fluid Simulation – Trippy Sandbox Experience v3.9.0 – Beautiful and Colorful Liquid Simulation Game for Android
Paid and Purchased Version Offered to You for $2.69
Tested and Executed Offline

Fluid Simulation – Trippy Sandbox Experience – Colorful Liquids is a very exciting and entertaining game in the creative and technical game genre, and a very interesting and different simulator from the game of colors. This game is produced by Pavel Dobryakov Studio in Russia and has been released for Android mobiles and tablets at a price of $2.69. As always, and once again, for the first time in Iran, we have decided to purchase the paid version and introduce and offer this game to you, our loyal Usroid followers. Have you ever watched the beautiful scenes of color or ink spreading in water? The combination of colors in liquids and creating a spectacular effect has always been one of the most beautiful and eye-catching scenes in nature. Now, in the Fluid Simulation – Trippy Sandbox Experience game, you can virtually experience this beautiful event without any physical tools or equipment! In this game, the combination of colors in liquids has been simulated in the best possible way. Therefore, by playing this game, you feel like you are personally mixing colorful liquids or spreading colors in water and liquids! In addition, in Fluid Simulation – Trippy Sandbox Experience, unique effects and reflections have also been designed that are very eye-catching. In fact, the style of this game is a simulation of liquids, but its gameplay has more value than a simple simulation game. By playing this technical and entertaining game, you can spend your leisure time experiencing a relaxing and enjoyable game. The creators of the Fluid Simulation game allow you to simulate personalized and customized scenes for yourself by using various items! You can help make your game more beautiful by choosing different color palettes, changing resolution, changing shape and style, and the path of liquid movement and other similar issues.


Fluid Simulation - Trippy Sandbox Experience


In the game Fluid Simulation, the laws of physics have been realistically simulated. Therefore, by installing and running this game, you will have a real experience of combining colors and fluids on your phone or tablet. The game’s creator says that an interesting and colorful world has been designed in this game. It’s a dreamy world where you can find special peace by stepping into it and get your mind off bad thoughts. It should also be noted that Fluid Simulation – Trippy Sandbox Experience is not only an entertaining game, but also a live wallpaper. After installing this game, you can select the Fluid Simulation – Trippy Sandbox Experience live wallpaper from your device’s background image settings to achieve the colorful fluid movements in the background of your Android phone or tablet! This game has been downloaded more than 10,000 times so far. Also, this game has an excellent rating of 4.8 out of 5.0. You can now get the full and latest version of Fluid Simulation – Trippy Sandbox Experience for free from Usroid.