Fluidity – Adaptive Icon Pack (BETA) v3.8 Icon Pack Android Flvdyty
purchased version and complete the program at a price of $ 1.49 on Google Play 

The user interface of our phones is full of different icons, regardless of the type of operating system. Icons are one of the main pillars of the user interface in today’s software. In the early days of the advent of personal computers, when adding a graphical interface to these devices, icons were used instead of text to make it easier to access various programs on a computer. Over time, this became the standard for all graphics interface operating systems. Android is no exception to this rule, and even uses icons more than other operating systems to make it easier to work with the phone. In all parts from the home screen to the application menu, settings, file manager, and so on. The icon packs are widely used. Every developer who wants to make a program for Android, must design and use an icon for their program. This icon should be as different as possible from the existing program icon and show the identity and performance of the program to which it belongs. That’s why app icons are so different in color and design, and when they’re on the apps menu or Android home screen, they can disrupt the user interface harmony and make it look like it to some people. Make it unpleasant. If you are one of those people, your solution is to use the pack icon. Today we are at your service with a different and beautiful pack icon.Fluidity – Adaptive Icon Pack (BETA) is a beautiful icon icon with the ability to change the style of icons for the Android operating system, which was developed by Linked Designs and has been published on Google Play for $ 1.49. You can change the style of this pack icon to your liking. You can make the icons round, square, square with rounded or drop-shaped corners. To use this pack icon, you need to have a standard Android launcher on your phone. This icon pack shows the best performance and compatibility with Lawnchair Launcher v2 launcher. It may work well with other launchers, but we haven’t tested it. To use this pack icon and its deformation capability, your device must have Android 8 and above. You should do this from your Android settings if the modification is not available in the launcher.


Fluidity - Adaptive Icon Pack


Application Fluidity – Adaptive Icon Pack (BETA) is one of the best, most beautiful and most attractive Android Icon Pack is with the consent of Android users, has rated excellent 5.0 from 5.0 from Google Play users receive. Now you can get the purchased and complete version of this program along with all the features and capabilities from Usroid completely free of charge.