Flutter: Butterfly Sanctuary v3.100 – Fantasy and attractive game “Butterfly House” for Android
Another game in the Flutter series in the hobby and management style
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Flutter: Butterfly Sanctuary – Butterfly House is a fascinating game and another series of Flutter games in the style of casual games (Casual) with management elements and Pretend Play. This game was prepared by New Zealand studio Runaway and has been released for free for Android phones and tablets. Usroid is the first Iranian website to publish this game on the web. Flutter: Butterfly Sanctuary has been created and released with designs just like the other game in this series, Flutter: Starlight Sanctuary. In fact, you may not realize the difference between the two games at first glance, but it must be said that Butterfly Sanctuary tells a different story. While in the Starlight Sanctuary version, the story was more about fireflies and light flashes, in Flutter: Butterfly Sanctuary, we now turn to the usual and, of course, very beautiful butterflies and butterflies. The general process of the game is similar to the other version, and you have to manage a set of butterflies professionally. Your job is to build a colony from scratch. You have to support and nurture these creatures from the time they are in the form of larvae and then close the cocoons around them, so that they eventually become very beautiful and colorful butterflies.


Flutter: Butterfly Sanctuary


During Flutter: Butterfly Sanctuary, you have the task to grow and evolve the butterflies in your colony. To do this, you need to create a habitat for them and feed them plants and other nutrients to make them bigger and bigger. At Flutter: Butterfly Sanctuary, you can discover and add animal species of butterflies and butterflies to your collection. All of these species are real and simulated from real models. Therefore, it can be said that Flutter: Butterfly Sanctuary is not only a fun title, but also an educational game. Especially since such games teach children, in addition to scientific education, responsibility and things like that. According to the creator, in Flutter: Butterfly Sanctuary, more than 400 types of butterflies and beautiful squirrels have been modeled, which players can add to the list of butterflies in their colony during the game. This game has fancy, colorful and very eye-catching designs that have become a relaxing game along with calm and audible soundtracks. To get more familiar with this game, it is better to take a look at the trailer video or its screenshot images, and then, if you wish, download the latest version of it from Usroid in a tested form.


Note: There is currently no healthy modded version for this game. This article will be updated if published.