Update on September 9th: Updating the game mod version to the latest version 🙂

Flutter: Starlight Sanctuary v2.200 + Mod – A Fun Fantasy Game “Star House” for Android
Regular version + Mod version (unlimited money and points) separately
Tested by running online

Flutter: Starlight Sanctuary – Home of the Stars is an interesting and enjoyable title from the Flutter game series by the New Zealand studio, Runaway. Due to its graphics and fantasy and attractive designs, it has gained the attention of many players worldwide. The Runaway game studio has gained fame for making fantasy and often childish games such as Furistas Cat Cafe, and now with the creation of another interesting and creative game, it has strengthened its position among fans of this type of game more than ever. Flutter: Starlight Sanctuary tells the beautiful, educational, and calming story of the life of moths, which are beautiful insects from the butterfly family. In this game, there are various species of moths, and in a way, this game can be considered an educational title. In this game, you have to build a sanctuary for the moths and collect them in this sanctuary, which will be their home. Your task is to collect various breeds and species of these beautiful creatures and grow and take care of them. At the beginning of the story, the game starts with one moth, and gradually their number increases. You have to start taking care of them from the first day and follow the stages of growth and development of small worms and their transformation into beautiful moths and butterflies in this exciting game.


Flutter: Starlight Sanctuary


In Flutter: Starlight Sanctuary, there are over 200 species of moths, each with their own unique size, color, shape, and nature. However, what all these species have in common is their indescribable beauty when their wings flutter. Even when they are babies and look like worms, they are designed to be cute and adorable. You must feed and take care of them so that they can grow and thrive in favorable conditions. By collecting these creatures in this sanctuary, you can create a beautiful and interesting colony! When night falls and moonlight shines on this sanctuary, you can make these moths fly and create very picturesque and mythical scenes. Flutter: Starlight Sanctuary has excellent designs. The fantastic graphics and calming designs are the first prominent feature of this game, which the creators have emphasized heavily on. These designs are so attractive and calming that they can take you away from a stressful environment and give you a very good feeling. Usroid has provided this unique and lovable game, which has been downloaded more than 1 million times on Google Play and has achieved a 4.5 out of 5.0 rating, along with its modded version, which has been tested and made available for download.