FLY is FUN Aviation Navigation v30.04 [Unlimited] – Flight Simplification App for Pilots Android
Unlimited and complete version worth $ 25.99 for the first time on Persian language sites

Thousands of different flights travel from one place to another every day, and each of them takes a specific route. Sometimes it is difficult for pilots to identify these routes due to the circumstances, so they try to use any specific information to solve any problem. FLY is FUN Aviation Navigation Full is a flight simplification application for pilots developed by Petr Kouril for Android and published on Google Play. Designed by pilots for pilots, the software improves flight simplification and flight awareness. One of the best features of this startup can be access to various information; In such a way that you will be able to examine the details of different aerial places and monitor everything through the map. Pilots receive alerts when entering special airspace with this software to prevent any problems. The flight locations of the aircraft are stored throughout the flight and can be played at any other time by Google Earth.

Some features and capabilities of FLY is FUN Aviation Navigation Android application:

  • Create and modify routes using drag and drop
  • Receive alerts and radio information before entering controlled locations
  • Route planning, distance assessment, time and fuel consumption
  • View route and view route live
  • Visualization of airspace
  • STRATUX support
  • Capture the flight path and replay it by Google Earth
  • Get weather forecast information along the way
  • Calculate the distance between 2 points on the map
  • Pad


FLY is FUN Aviation Navigation application has been published on Google Play by its developer with an in-network payment of $ 25.99, with the benefit of a set of exclusive and various features. You can now download the latest unlimited version of it from the popular Usroid website. Kurds. In our version, all the features are available and will be presented to you as a test.


FLY is FUN Aviation Navigation Full