FolderNote – Notepad, Notes v1.2.0 – Simple and practical note-taking app for Android
Premium and full version of the app worth $ 6.99

FolderNote – Notepad, Notes is a simple yet practical note-taking application developed by Notas Notepad and published on Google Play. Taking notes is one of the most common tasks that all of us humans do throughout our lives. We have all attended classes or occasionally attended meetings; The best way to remember what is being said in such meetings is to take notes. All you need to write a note is a notebook and a pen! However, compared to previous years, the use of smartphones for taking notes has increased a lot! This has led many developers to turn their attention to this tool. FolderNote – Notepad, Notes software is one of the best options available for the note-taking experience. As the name of this startup suggests, one of its best features is the organization of written notes. So that you will be able to place the saved notes in different groups according to their subject so that you can have quick access to all of them if needed. To create notes, simply touch an option and then start creating your notes. This application is not only used to create notes, but also the available tools help you to make a list of your tasks and do them according to their importance during the day. If you are concerned about your privacy, the development team has paid special attention to this issue; Because it provides a feature by which you will be able to protect all your text with a PIN code. Send your notes to your friends with just one touch or make the necessary changes to them if necessary.

Some features and capabilities of FolderNote – Notepad, Notes Android application:

  • Create multiple notes with just the touch of an option
  • Manage and organize notes by creating different folders
  • Option to create a list of your most important tasks during the day
  • Ability to share your notes with just one touch
  • Privacy protection with PIN code
  • Ability to edit notes you have saved in the past few days
  • Super simple and attractive user interface for this Android application

Application FolderNote – Notepad, Notes with the benefit of specific features and functionality by its developer network for free along with the payment of $ 6.99 reported and rated 4.7 out of 5.0 by users, Google has received; You can now do it without any restrictions Premium newest version of the database Web site Usoid get.


FolderNote - Notepad, Notes