Football Drama v1.9 – an attractive and entertaining strategy game of Android football drama,
purchased and complete version worth $ 5.49, presented to you,
tested with offline execution

Football Drama – Drama Football is a beautiful game and fun in the category of strategy games by Game Studios  Open Lab Games design and expansion of dialogue and for the money on Google Play available to users’s latest version is always first Bar has been published in Iran and completely free of charge on our site. Football Drama A creative game in a new style about footballIs! A game in which you should not play football but you should manage it! One of the strengths of Football Drama is having a beautiful story that keeps you going and makes you keep playing until the end! The story of the game is about a person who sat on the bench of different teams as a coach several years ago, but never got a good result with them! And that’s why he decided not to coach anymore, but a new team gives him a chance to try again after several years and return to the world of coaching! Now you have to guide the main character of the game to lead his team in the best possible way! There are many characters in the game that you have to interact with and talk to, such as the head coach of other teams, reporters, the president and even a cat! The game also has a bit of humor that adds to its beauty! The story of the game, as we said, is very entertaining and forces you to progress in the game and move forward. We also need to remember the beautiful motto of the game, a motto that well describes the overall content of Football Drama: Behind every goal, there is a story! You have to figure out the story of the game and its character, so do it in the best possible way!


Football Drama


Football Drama gameplayIt is fluent and there is not much problem in it. There are cards in the game that you have to work with in a football match, and that adds a little bit of luck to the game. The music of the game is very attractive and enjoyable and is one of the best parts of the game. The game’s graphics are good for its size, but there is definitely room for improvement, of course, given the great content of the game, such a volume is normal for him. Now we should not forget that Football Drama is not free and to experience it you have to pay $ 5.49 for about 60 thousand tomans! The question is, is this game worth it or not? If you love football and you are very interested in it, it is worth it for you! Of course, five and a half dollars is really a lot of money, and with the money in our country, at least two first-class computer games can be produced! But if you just want to spend some time playing and have fun and of course challenge your brain a little, we have to say no! The important point is that the game is placed on our site for free, so regardless of whether you’s worth it or not! Download the game and enjoy! Football Drama is now available on Google PlayA good score of 4.1 out of 5.0 . This game has just been released for the Android platform and for this reason it has not sold much, but it is predicted to be a significant success due to its very high quality, so do not hesitate to download it! In Usroid, we provide you with the latest version of the game for free and with a direct link that you can download with one click. We hope you enjoy this game and share your opinion about it with us.

Note: The game must beinstalledwith the help of SAI program.

Version v1.9 changes:

* Added new features + various optimizations.