Footej Camera Premium v1.1.4 – Professional and powerful Android camera camera app
Premium version with all features available

Footej Camera  Premium is one of the best and most professional camera software for AndroidPublished by Semaphore Inc. Studios. With this professional camera, you will be able to record your moments with very high quality by accessing great features. This program supports two cameras on the back and front of Android devices and uses its capabilities for both cameras; Provides its users with a new experience. In addition to automatically adjusting the features, there is an option to manually adjust the filters, which you can adjust to increase the quality of images and video files. Another great feature of Fotage Camra is its ability to support slow video recording in a way that no special hardware is required, and you can easily record slow-motion videos.

Some features and capabilities of Footej Camera Android application:

  • Very simple and easy user interface
  • Record videos and capture high quality images
  • Use two smart camera cameras
  • Ability to record images consecutively
  • Create high quality gif images
  • Smart video recording system slowly
  • Manually filter filters manually or automatically
  • Unique instant image capability when recording video
  • Automatic focus or manual focus
  • Histogram images

Application Footej Camera as one of the best camera released for the Android operating system has been able to more than 500 thousand download as well as in-network $ 2.99 Rating 4.1 out of 5.0 by users Play store received that can now Premium version Get it from Usroid .


Footej Camera