Forager v1.0.13 + Mod – Simple and fun “browser” pixel game for Android
Normal purchased version + Mod version (many resources) Integrated
tested with offline execution

Forager – Explorer is the name of a simple, two-dimensional game with completely retro and pixel designs, which was first released as a game for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows, Linux, Macintosh consoles, and then after Two years ago, the game developer decided to port the mobile version of the game to the Android operating system. This game was created and designed by a solo developer who publishes his games under the Humble Games brand. The studio already has other games, including Slay the SpireHad been rebuilt for the Android operating system, which we had previously introduced to you dear ones in another article on the Usroid site. The important thing about Humble Games is that all of them (which are few in number) in the form of premium and paid games, not with the usual and relatively low prices, but with significant prices. And there are many, and Forager is no exception. This game is on sale for $ 7.99 on Google Play, but Usroid, as always, and for your convenience, has prepared and purchased the purchased version of the game for free, so that you, dear ones, can pay for this paid game at no cost. Experience for free and unlimited.




Everything you need from the Forager game storyYou can find out from its name. The word Forager means a seeker and a person who searches and digs for food or other material resources in a particular land that is not usually identified by other humans. In this game, you are in the role of a searcher in different lands and your main goal is nothing but finding and using resources. Therefore, it must be said that the general process of Forager is very simple and almost repetitive, but this style of games, despite seeming very simple, has many fans. Starting the game, you will take control of a browser and be able to navigate it from the top view and move around. When you reach and approach anything that can be collected as a resource, a white square is created around that object and you can start collecting resources from that resource. These sources can be wood, precious stones and.. By earning these resources and using them to raise money or other items, you can provide the necessary prerequisites to upgrade other sections and follow the game process in the same way. One of your most important tasks in Forager is to build (Craft) various structures and practical tools. There are many missions and tasks in this game that will keep you entertained in this game for a long time. To experience this beautiful and different game, you can go to the download box right nowGo to Usroid and download this game for free.