Fort Conquer v1.2.3 + Mod – Strategic and tactical game “Castle Conqueror” for Android + trailer
version normal + mod version (unlimited money) individually
tested with offline execution

Fort Conquer – Castle Conqueror is the name of a simple but very interesting and fun game of strategy genre studio in Hong Kong DroidHen Producer games like Defender III and Defender Z is. The design of the mechanism used in the gameplay of Fort Conquer is exactly similar to games such as Trench Assault  and Super Bull Fightis. The first feature of these games is their small size. Fort Conquer is no exception. This also means that the game does not require special hardware to run. It is also worth mentioning that Fateh Qaleh game can be run even for the weakest devices and even old Android devices due to its simple design and gameplay features. Just have a mobile phone or tablet with at least Android 2.3.3 to be able to experience this game. Farsrood at your requestDear, he has prepared the latest version of this game along with a modded version of it and provided it for free download. This game is related to the battle of legendary creatures and monsters. You have a base and a tower defense, and your main goal is to train and employ wild and mutant creatures and animals such as bears, wolves, boars, unicorns and even dragons. Your task may seem easy, but rest assured that a special challenge awaits you in the game Conqueror of the Castle.


Fort Conquer


Game Fort ConquerJust like the other two games we mentioned, it starts with your castle and defense tower on one side (left of the picture) and your enemies’ castle on the opposite side. There are several entry lines from your castle that lead directly to the enemy castle. Your job is to move your forces from these lines to move towards the enemy base. But on the other side, your enemy does the same. Fort Conquer is exactly the instantaneous confrontation between offensive and defensive tactics. This means that you must first try to prevent the enemies from advancing towards your base, and then take measures to attack the enemy base. Your main goal is to attack the rivals’ castle and damage them to the point of destruction. You can use a variety of forces with special capabilities. It is also possible to use side items. If the forces in one line face the enemy forces in the same line, a conflict will form between them and the forces that have more or more power will win. In the same way, you should try to win by timely management and strategic thinking. You can download this compact and challenging game right now from the serversDownload Usroid . It is interesting to know that this seemingly simple game has been installed on more than 10 million Android devices so far and has been able to get a score of 4.3 out of 5.0 to date.

Changes in version v1.2.3:

* Bug fixes