Fortnite V14.30.0 – Fortnite Battle Royale survival game for Android devices
A lovely popular survival game with a lot of fans dedicated to you dear ones
Before downloading the game, be sure to read the descriptions and comments
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Fortnite Battle Royale – Fortnite is one of the most popular, familiar and beautiful survival and action style games from Epic Games Studio (Epic Games, Inc.), which was originally released for home consoles and now we are seeing the release of its Android version. As always, we have decided to introduce it to you as soon as possible and to delight you, the fans of survival style games! Fortnite style of play is exactly like its bigger brother PUBG, in which you play the role of a character who make up a group of 100 people and on an island you have to survive alone! With the wide range of weapons you get, you can defend yourself, use different vehicles to move, take refuge in different houses and places, and by doing different things, just try to survive and be the last person. That survives! If you are a fan of survival style games, Fortnite will undoubtedly attract your attention from all angles and is worth a try!




Fortnite game can be considered as one of the best Battle Grand style games that has been released for different operating systems, and we in Usroid have released the Android version, which is also available in Google Play! Highlights of this lovely game include stunning HD graphics, great sound, unparalleled build, and more.

Before downloading Fortnite, note that:

1 – Fortnite game is online and online
2 – Unfortunately, Fortnite game is not available under US law for the four regions of Cuba, Iran, North Korea and Sudan, and if you are in the country, you must use a filter breaker to connect to the game.
3 – After installing and running the game, you must create an account from within the game and the specified specific pages so that you can enter the game environment [It is also possible to enter home console account information]
4 – This game is for device only Powerful flagships are designed and built with the ARM64 (64-bit) processor [Use the CPU Z app to understand your device’s processor]
5 – Our test on the Huawei Mate 10 – If you don’t have a flagship device, don’t waste your time on this game and go for Pubg!
6 – The game data is from 1 to 5 GB, which is received in the initial run without any problems.
7 – We have introduced this game only at your request, dear ones – it is your responsibility to run it.
8 – The game is installed only on ARM64 devices.
9 – From sending comments “Does it come on my phone?” “Doesn’t come on my phone?” And… Avoid – Before downloading the game itself, install the EPIC GAMES software in the download box and after running it, give it a scan command. If the game is compatible with your device, the screen will turn golden – if compatible. Otherwise, the gray color will come and you will have to play the game!