Fortress TD2 v1.0.8 + Mod – Exciting strategy game “Defense of the Military Castle 2” for Android
Normal version + Mod version (Infinite Money + Unlock) individually
tested with offline execution

Fortress TD2 – Defense of Military Castle 2 is the second game in the Fortress TD game series, which is available for free on Google Play for Android devices. This game was developed by the Russian studio otgs17 and is available to players around the world. According to the usual routine of the site, this time for the first time among all Iranian sitesWe have introduced and released another game and, as always, we have prepared the latest official version along with a separate mod version for download. Fortress TD2 game, as mentioned, is presented in the style of defense tower (strategy), and by learning from the failed games in this style, it has tried to take an important step in this field by presenting a relatively different style and context. Although it can not be said that this game is not very different from similar games in the same genre, but the existence of new features and different features have made this game in turn a more attractive experience. The general style and context of the game is similar to the previous part, so that the original design language of the game remains intact, but newer items and features have been added to this part, which has caused the game to evolve in some ways. Look more found. However, the developer has tried to keep the main criteria of the game as the first part so that the two games are not too different from each other. But the biggest change seen in these two games is the growing gaming world in Fortress TD2.


Fortress TD2


In Fortress TD2The clichéd story of human confrontation with mutants and zombies is told. The human world has been destroyed by savage and violent creatures, and you are in the role of a group of special forces who in this apocalyptic world must protect a building that is now in the form of a military fortress. Your enemies, these scary and wild creatures that are in different shapes and forms, move towards you from all around and destroy them as soon as they approach your forces. You have to manage your forces tactically and with professional strategies. You can use ordinary forces, snipers and other types of military forces or get help from military equipment. You can even track down zombies with the help of cars parked in the building. In any case, choosing these types of strategies is up to you and the most important point in Fortress TD2 is the same issue. You have to deal with the difficult challenges you will face with professional tactics. Like all similar games, Fortress TD2 also has the ability to upgrade troops at various levels, and you must make the best decisions to manage and upgrade your troops by carefully managing the resources at your disposal. If you still want to learn more about this game, you can go to the bottom of the article right now and see the screenshots and the trailer video, which includes parts of the gameplay process of the game, and then if you want to Download the game to the download centerGo to Usroid and download this game in normal or modded form from the direct links of the site for free.