Foscam v2.3.11 – Camera management program under Foscam network for Android
The original and complete version of the program without any ads for the first time in Iran

Surveillance cameras are a fundamental solution to increase the security of home or work; Over the past few years, we have been continuously witnessing the development of these cameras and companies are trying to use the latest technology in their products to compete with each other. The most popular cameras on the market are IP cameras, or more simply, network cameras that rely on the World Wide Web platform to allow them to be remotely as easily as possible. Manage more. If you look at the list of cameras and manufacturing companies, you will know that Foscom is one of the most reputable companies in this field, which with more than 10 years of experience and dedicated design has been able to bring its products to 80 countries, especially Iran. Send. This issue has also caused us to decide to introduce the special application of this big company at your request, dear ones.Foscam is a camera management application for Foscam network, which was developed by the same company, Foscam, Inc. and published on Google Play. In the new version of this software, which we decided to introduce after fixing the shortcomings of the initial version, a suitable side menu is available for you dear ones, through which you will have access to a set of management options. The startup architecture of this startup provides the conditions to add your network cameras to the menu in a short time and with just a few touches of the screen without special complications. After adding the cameras, you have the specific settings for each of them and you will be able to select separate settings for each of them, such as voice recognition, motion detection, real-time alert, and.. All videos are stored in the company’s proprietary cloud space and are available at any time.

Some features and capabilities of Foscam Android application:

  • Quick and easy adding Foscom network cameras to the app
  • Access to a complete menu with a set of easy management options
  • Monitor live or work live
  • Store videos on Foscom cloud servers without any restrictions on access
  • Apply special settings to each of the cameras on the network
  • Find recorded videos at very high speed
  • Receive instant alerts if any movement or sound is detected

Foscam application with the benefit of its various features and capabilities has been published for free by the great company Foscam on Google Play and so far it has thousands of downloads that you can download the latest version of it completely Get free, without any ads, from direct and high-speed Usroid links .