FPS Robot Shooting Strike v2.7 + Mod – Action and fun game “Robot Shooting Strike” for Android
Normal version + Mod version (infinite money) individually
tested with offline execution

FPS Robot Shooting Strike is a fun and action-packed, fantasy but fully 3D game developed for free by an anonymous studio called Game Inferno based in Pakistan. Supplied. This game called FPS Robot Shooting Strike: Counter Terrorist Game has been released on Google Play and is an exclusive title for the Android operating system. Usroid in this article also intends to for the first time in IranIntroduce you to a fantasy and action game and release the latest version with a modded version for download. FPS Robot Shooting Strike: Counter Terrorist Game, despite being released in the original action style, is released in the style of sports games! This choice may be a mistake on the part of the developers, but with a closer look at the appearance and general features of the game, we can see that this game is more of a fantasy and fun game than an action and war title. Maybe that’s why it can be considered a shooting sport. This view will be more understandable since the characters in the game are colorful robots instead of humans.


FPS Robot Shooting Strike : Counter Terrorist Game


در بازی FPS Robot Shooting Strike : Counter Terrorist GameA game in the style of First Person Shooter (FPS), you are in control of a robot and you have to take part in various battles in the form of team competitions from the first person view. There is no specific adventure or story content in this game that needs to be mentioned. The whole game is about fantasy and color robot wars. Even the firearms used in the game are fancy and colorful. However, it must be said that the game designs are very good, especially in the environmental part, and considering that the overall volume of the game is appropriate, this graphic is very admirable in relation to this volume. In this game, you can experience a first-person shooter title and fight your rivals in different team games. You are able to play FPS Robot Shooting Strike: Counter Terrorist Game Buy a variety of weapons, have a variety of weapon experiences and also enjoy a wider and more dynamic gameplay. This game is completely offline and your opponents in the game are robots and artificial intelligence, which of course do not act as smart and professional as they should. So in general, it might be better to consider this game as a fun and even FPS-style title. To download the latest version of FPS Robot Shooting Strike: Counter Terrorist Game with its modded version go to the download boxVisit Usroid and download this game from the fast servers of the site.