This antivirus has been removed from Google Play and we do not recommend installing it to anyone for security reasons! The download link has been removed!

[Free Antivirus 2019 – MAX Security Full v2.0.7 [Unlocked – The best security application for Android 2019 Unlocked
version with access to all features
Introduced for the first time in Iran

Due to the spread of viruses and malware, antivirus can be considered one of the most widely used software in various operating systems today. Apart from the main feature of all antiviruses whose job is to protect the privacy of users, each of them has unique features that the developer expands day by day according to the needs of users. In this post, we intend to provide you, as always, as the first and best Android website in Iran, one of the best antiviruses of 2019. Free Antivirus 2019 – MAX Security Full Unlocked is a full-featured and smart antivirus by the reputable company ONE App Ltd for AndroidIt’s been published. With the help of this special security program, you will be able to quickly detect all viruses, malware, all kinds of trojans and advertising tools, and upgrade the security of your smart device with one touch. The security levels in Max Security eliminate all threats and problems caused by viruses and eliminate any specific trojans as soon as they are detected. Apart from the mentioned explanations and the main purpose of this software, a set of widely used tools is also included in it, among which we can mention professional monitoring, increasing the speed of the device and…!

Some features and capabilities of Free Antivirus 2019 – MAX Security Android application:

  • Identify malware, viruses, trojans and adware
  • Quick scan to eliminate all types of virus threats
  • Clear the effects left over from all kinds of Trojans
  • Powerful protection of personal information with powerful security layers
  • Special and professional tools for better management of Android devices
  • Battery and CPU cooling
  • Delete extra and unwanted files to free up storage space
  • Avoid running frequently used programs in the background

App Free Antivirus 2019 – MAX Security has as one of the top security software 2019 with over 5 million downloads enabled rated 4.7 out of 5.0 by users of Google Play Dyraft, which can now use the most recent version of Unlock by Download it from the most visited and popular Usroid site.


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