FRep – Finger Replayer Full v4.1 + Key – Android screen touch recording app
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Sometimes it happens to some of us that we have done a certain activity on our smart device many times during the day and at the end of the day we get tired of doing it again. This cycle may take several days or be one of our needs for troubleshooting or managing something special. In addition, apart from all the mental problems that these repetitive activities create, our time is wasted and parts of our daily activities can not be done properly. One of the best solutions to this problem is to use an intelligent touch recording system and repeat it several times! FRep – Finger Replayer Full + Key is the title of a professional application for recording all touches and saving actions performed on the screen of Android smartphones.Developed by strAI and published in the big Google Play Market. This powerful software allows its users to save time and leave repetitive operations to it. All you have to do is run the finger replay and touch the recording option to perform your monotonous activity, so that in the rest of the steps, all the actions will be done automatically. Various management options are included in the list of unlimited features of this smart app, among which we can specify the number of repetitions and adjust the speed of operations, which in some cases need to be changed. All records and histories are stored in the SD card memory and you can access them at any time.


FRep - Finger Replayer Full


Application FRep – Finger Replayer Full succeeded with their wonderful and the price of 4.54 dollar trusted by over 5 million users achieved which can now newest version purchased it from the database giant Site Farsrvyd get all activity Leave your monotony to it; The installation file and key are provided as a zip zip file for download.

Note: This program requires root access.

Changes in version v4.1:

* Ability to reduce timeouts
* Sort management menu options
* Set notification system for Android 5 and 7.1
* Added screen rotation option in system settings for special support
* Fixed some issues.