Friend & Family Locator + v2.6.5 – Android friends and family locator app
for $ 4.70

Friend & Family Locator Plus is the title of a location finder for friends and family on Google Maps by Phone Tracker Productions for AndroidDeveloped and published. This smart software helps you to access the location of your friends or family members at any time and be informed about the events of their smart device. Several different functions and management options are included in this wonderful software, among which we can mention the family chat system! Just view the list of members and contact them at no cost. It may have happened to you many times that you have set up with your friend and are waiting for it to arrive, but after a few minutes it has not arrived yet, this program helps you to create a circle on the map when your friend enters. Be informed of that area and if it is not present, leave it without wasting time.

Some features and capabilities of Friend & Family Locator + Android application:

  • Show the location of friends or any member of your family on the map
  • Access the history of all specified locations
  • Get notified of the latest events such as calls or incoming messages
  • Receive notifications when your friends enter the specified area
  • Ability to send free messages through the program between you and your friends
  • Send an emergency message to all members in case of any problems
  • High security in maintaining and protecting all information

Applications Friend & Family Locator + as one of the best software in the field of tracking all family members by the developer with the price of 4.70 USD has been released, can now access the database giant Site Farsrvyd newest version Get what you bought.

Changes in version v2.6.5:

* Improved app design + troubleshooting.