Fruit Craft v1.8.10684 – The latest version of the popular and beautiful Iranian game “Fruit Craft” Android
New update for the first time in Iran

To date, we have introduced various online games on the site, which were very well received by you. As you know, all online games that are published are in English, but today we are going to introduce an Iranian online intellectual game called Fruit Craft , in which you, as a player, have to fight for yourself. Get ready with other competitors! This means that each player has cards with specific fruits and powers, and with them he can fight with other Iranian and foreign users and pass various missions of the game! After completing a certain number of missions, your level will be upgraded and you will open cards with new powers. You must know to make this kind of game more excitingThe need for capabilities and facilities that force the user to continue by making a difference between opponents in terms of power. Let’s see if it has this feature or not? Features such as character upgrades and achievements (combo mode) can be seen in this game; Also, the number of characters and the possibility of selecting them according to the points obtained is another technique that has been used to make the above game more attractive.

Some features of the Iranian Fruit Craft Android game:

  • Confront with over 200 new and diverse characters in different stages of the game
  • Ability to unite with other users and create a tribe to compete with others
  • Ability to upgrade characters and achievements to increase the excitement of the game
  • Having an accurate scoring system for users
  • Support for both Persian and English languages ​​with the ability to be selected by the user
  • Ability to communicate with tribal friends through chat
  • Having a variety of attractive fruits such as apples, peaches and so on

Fruit Craft game is offered completely free of charge and we have made it for all people who like to experience an Iranian online game on their Android phone , and you can download it with one click by reading the rest مطلب Today in Usroid, we have put the new version of the game for the first time in Iran for download at the request of the game developer, which you can download with one click.

Note: FruitCraft is online and always requires internet to run.

 Changes in version v 1.7.10647:

* Added new features + minor bug fixes

Download Fruit Craft - Iranian online game Fruit Craft Android!