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One way to increase the battery life of smart devices is to charge them correctly and on time, which causes the least possible damage to the battery energy storage panels. One of the main reasons for the rapid battery failure of Android devices, which few users pay attention to, is that the device is constantly charged at 100%, although we must say that 100% charging the battery is not a matter of principle and to have a battery Always healthy, its charge should be between 30 and 80%! Aside from the explanation given today, we want to introduce you to a smart alarm that lets you know that your device is out of charge and you need to disconnect the charger from the device. Full Charge Alarm Pro Unlocked as an interesting and useful alarm to understand the full charge of Android devicesDeveloped by Psquare and published in the major Google Play Market. This software helps you to be informed quickly when the battery is full or reaches a certain level and you can easily maintain the health of the battery. Determining the level of alarm is in your hands and you can specify any percentage if you wish. In addition, you have a battery drain alarm that sounds when the battery reaches a certain level and notifies you to connect the device to your charger.

Some features and capabilities of the Full Charge Alarm Android application:

  • Smart alarm to get the battery to your desired level
  • Battery short warning when reaching a certain percentage
  • Ability to set the alarm sound and its level to your liking
  • Simple and easy user interface with low volume
  • View battery information such as charge percentage, health, voltage and…

Full Charge Alarm application , relying on a special feature and its unique ability to maintain the health of the battery of Android devices, has been able to receive a score of 4.2 out of 5.0 by Google Play users with half a million active downloads, which you can now download the latest professional version. Download from Usroid website ; Our version includes all the features and you can use them without time limit.


Full Charge Alarm