FULL METAL MONSTERS v0.14.0 + Mod – Android all-metal monster action and war game
Original version + mod version (unlimited equipment) separately
Tested by running online

If you are tired of online and cliché war games and you are looking for a new and different game, FULL METAL MONSTERS game is here to fulfill your desire well. This beautiful game is a fascinating work of art in the style of action and war games, the main characters of which are dinosaurs that have been transformed into deadly metal monsters with advanced robotic equipment. This game is produced by the famous AI GAMES FZ studio, which is a subsidiary of the large and very reputable company Azura Games in Cyprus. We have already introduced several games from Azura Games company in Usroid, including the popular Robot Warfare game, and this time we intend to introduce a similar game but with more interesting features. FULL METAL MONSTERS game is a very fun and challenging game full of fights in which you have to ride on various dinosaurs and destroy your enemies with the deadly weapons at your disposal. The battles of this game take place in a post-future world. The competitions and competitions held in this game are 5 to 5 as a team and any team that can destroy more rivals will win that stage. Of course, the game has different modes, each of which has its own characteristics. The monsters of this game are in various categories; Including flying dinosaurs or dreaded dinosaurs and other known types of dinosaurs are present in this game. The personalization and upgrade of the game forces are very professional. You can use the natural power of dinosaurs or equip them with military equipment if you wish. But there are other types that are all robotic and metal. The gameplay is from the third person view and you can aim at the enemies, shoot at them or face them individually and physically.

Some features of the FULL METAL MONSTERS Android action game:

  • Unique design of the post-future world and a world full of violence and war
  • Excellent graphics with unique 3D designs
  • Professional design of visual effects such as blasts, destructibles and interesting sounds
  • Action gameplay with many features and capabilities
  • There are dozens of types of monsters in the three main categories of metal (artificial), natural or reinforced with military equipment
  • Ability to use special skills and forces for each dinosaur such as jumping, flying, high speed, high power, etc.
  • Ability to use flying monsters for aerial combat or powerful ground dinosaurs
  • Existence of all kinds of weapons
  • Ability to upgrade monsters and weapons to tens more levels


FULL METAL MONSTERS game has been entertaining every interest in action and war games for a long time. Having fierce competitors and powerful forces makes you an attractive challenge. It also gives you the opportunity to play team battles as a group, which multiplies the excitement. The game of all-metal monsters with more than 500 thousand downloads in less than three days has become one of the trendiest and most popular games. This game is also a great game in the eyes of users with a score of 4.4 out of 5.0.


Note: The game has recently been renamed Jurassic Monster World: Dinosaur War 3D FPS.




Game installation and running instructions:

– First download and install the installation file.

– Download the data file and decompress it. Copy the com.azurgames.dinosaurs folder to the Android / obb path of the device’s internal storage.

– Run the game.