G-Stomper Studio v5.8.5 – Excellent Android music making app + pack including 10 plugins
rated 4.7 out of 5.0 and priced at $ 11.99 in the Android Market

G-Stomper Studio is a powerful and excellent software in the field of making music and music from the planet-h programming group for the Android smart operating system , which is designed with the aim of producing music in the best and highest possible quality and with a variety of creation tools. Music brings a different and unique experience of music making applications on your Android device . You may also like to apply your favorite mixes and edits to your favorite music. The G-Stopper Studio app provides a variety of piano, drum and و instruments that allow you to work in a professional environment. Make professional music! To date, several different applications in the field of music production, including FL Studio Mobile ,SPC – Music Sketchpad , edjing Premium – DJ Mix studio , Reactable Mobile and ایم have been introduced to you, which was very well received, and now you are witnessing the introduction of the popular G-Stomper Studio application in Usroid, which is requested by users at the latest version. We have put the one that was published just a few minutes ago for you.

Some features and capabilities of G-Stomper Studio Android music making application:

  • Drum Machnine for making professional music through drums
  • Line Mixer with more than 36 channels + Effect Rack with 3 different effects
  • Ability to use dedicated and wonderful filters in songs and sounds
  • Includes a variety of functional functions Sampler Drum Pads, Master Section , Pattern Set, Pattern Config, Piano Roll, etc.
  • Very professional and easy user interface without the need for special knowledge
  • User-friendly design with extremely interesting and practical tools for you music lovers

Application G-Stomper Studio now in the Android Market at a price of $ 11.99 is sold with a score of 4.7 to 5.0 and more than 50 thousand have been sold to us today in Usroid newest version it comes with plugins We provide you with a special; If you do not know what the plugins we have put for you, it is better to know that by installing them along with G-Stomper Studio software, you can increase its features and capabilities and make it more professional!

Changes in version v5.8.5:

* Added new features + fixes and performance improvements


Download G-Stomper Studio - Android music making studio!




List of plugins available in 86 MB zip:

1 – G-Stomper Synthetic-Drums Pack

2 – G-Stomper Mobile-Synths-1 Pack

3 – G-Stomper Genres-2 Sample-Pack

4 – G-Stomper User-Manual EN

5 – G-Stomper Mobile-Synths-2 Pack

6 – G-Stomper Mothman-Synths-1

7 – G-Stomper Mothman-Synths-2

8 – G-Stomper Rhythm

9 – G-Stomper Genres-1 Sample-Pack

10 – G-Stomper Real-Drums Pack