Galaxy Passengers v1.5.0 + Mod – Interesting and entertaining clicker game “Galaxy Passengers” for Android + trailer of
normal version + mod version (unlimited money) separately
tested with offline execution

Galaxy Passengers – Galaxy Passengers – full name Galaxy Passengers – Explore, Trade, Protect, is a fun game in the style of clicker games from the category of simulation style games, which is prepared and developed for free by the Chinese studio LL Game Studio. given. This time we decided to once again be the first website among all Iranian sitesIntroduce and publish another game. Galaxy Passengers – Explore, Trade, Protect is a fun game that challenges your management skills. This game can be considered as a kind of strategic and managerial title, but the whole thing is fun and clicker. This game simulates a large colony in the galaxy run under your leadership. There is a lot of work in this colony that you have to take care of at all times and make the necessary changes and decisions for them. According to the game’s story, you and thousands of other people board a spaceship and travel to the galaxy to start a new life in space. You build a large space station and a new colony. Your job is to manage the situation in this colony and keep everything under control. From expanding this area to setting up commercial and economic channels to sell and trade goods with other colonies, some of your most important tasks. But you also have another sensitive and important task in Galaxy Passengers – Explore, Trade, Protect, and that is taking care of your own colony and spaceship.


Galaxy Passengers - Explore, Trade, Protect


In the game Galaxy Passengers – Explore, Trade, ProtectYou have many enemies who are constantly attacking and looting your resources. To prevent these attacks, you must strengthen your defense systems and build military forces and battle shuttles in space to go against the enemies and rebuild interesting battles in space. Galaxy Passengers – Explore, Trade, Protect game has an evolved and interesting part in the field of personalization and customization, during which you can upgrade and personalize your spaceship. During this game you can travel to nearby planets and communicate with their inhabitants. You can deal with them or fight them if they are your enemies. One of your main tasks and priorities is to find or buy different resources in order to build and develop specific products. Otherwise your colony will deteriorate very soon. Apart from these issues, there are many hidden sub-missions in Galaxy Passengers – Explore, Trade, Protect for you so that you can entertain yourself for a long time. To download the latest official update of this game along with its modded version, go to the end of this article from the websiteSee Usroid .

V1.5.0 version changes:

* Fixed bugs and game problems + various optimizations.