Galaxy Strike B52 v14 + Mod – A very entertaining arcade-action game “Galactic Invasion” for Android
Regular version + Mod version (infinite diamonds) separately
Tested offline

Galaxy Strike B52 – Space Shooter War Defense 1945 is the full name of an exciting arcade game in the action genre, which has been released for Android operating systems completely free of charge but with in-app purchases. The game was developed by the Vietnamese studio Da Nang and published on Google Play. As always, Usroid has obtained, reviewed, and introduced the latest version of the game with a separate mod version for free download for you, dear friends, especially those who are fans of arcade games, particularly Galaxy Shooter games. The overall structure of the Galaxy Strike B52: Space Shooter War Defense 1945 game is exactly like famous titles in this genre such as Galaxy Invaders: Alien Shooter, Space Shooter: Galaxy Shooting, Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter, and Falcon Squad – Classic Shoot ’em up. Therefore, if you have experienced one of these games before, you will quickly notice the similarities and overall structure of this game with similar titles.


Galaxy Strike B52: Space Shooter War Defense 1945


In the game Galaxy Strike B52: Space Shooter War Defense 1945, which is purely a fun and entertaining game, no specific storyline is used. You are a pilot of a warship in the galaxy and are supposed to resist hundreds and thousands of enemies in exciting and action-packed battlefields. You must move your warship equipped with modern military technologies forward and destroy the enemies by shooting at them. Your path is completely straight, and all you have to do in Galaxy Strike B52: Space Shooter War Defense 1945 is to shake your ship to dodge enemy fire and shoot at the enemies on your way. There is no other unique point or issue in this game, and in fact, all the stages of the game will be done in the same way. However, it should be noted that Galaxy Strike B52: Space Shooter War Defense 1945 has interesting graphics, action gameplay, and exciting nature that can be challenging and breathtaking! You can upgrade your ship in several levels or replace it with other warships. Overall, Galaxy Strike B52 is an entertaining game with a simple yet exciting structure that has been developed based on classic retro games. To download the latest version of this game, which has succeeded in earning a good score of 4.6 out of 5.0 on Google Play until today, you can go to the download box on Usroid and download this game.

Attention: In the Diamond Mod version, you are infinite; spending instead of decreasing increases.