Galaxy Universal Remote v4.2 – Remote control application for Android devices!
Professional and purchased version for $ 3.99

Galaxy Universal Remote is the title of the best device for remote control of devices with Android devices, published by Moletag in the big Google market. Anything can be controlled remotely; This smart app with its unique feature turns your smartphone into a versatile remote control and you can surprise others by controlling a variety of devices. The list of controllable devices introduced by the developer is amazing and forces every user to install this application. Just install it on your smart device to be able to remotely control all types of TVs, audio and video file systems, game consoles, dslr cameras and.. Thousands of devices with default settings, each with a specific frequency on the Galaxy UniversalAnd you can access them. One of the unique features of this program is that it has surpassed its competitors despite its high price; Great ability to customize default controls, so you can customize all the buttons and operations to your liking. Sometimes your device list is not in the list in the program, in this case it is enough to just touch the auto scan button to test all frequencies on your device and provide the closest remote control to your device. Be. Finally, it should be noted that this application can be run only on devices that have infrared.

Some features and specifications of Galaxy Universal Remote Android:

  • Quick access to remote control of thousands of different devices
  • Placing all controls on a single page
  • Ability to customize device control and change the frequency and operation of each button
  • Submit your custom code and build your favorite controls
  • Auto scan mode to find controls compatible with your device
  • Back up all program information
  • Has various widgets to control devices without running the program

Application Galaxy Universal Remote is now on Google Play at a price of $ 3.99 sold and managed to score 4.4 out of 5.0 by users in the Play Store will receive the newest version of it for free from the servers of high-speed Usroid get . Again, it should be noted that this program only runs on Android devices that support infrared!


Galaxy Universal Remote