Gallery App Lock Behind Calculator v1.0.2 [PRO] – Application for hiding files in the form of calculators for Android
Professional and complete version of the program worth $ 1.99, presented to you dear ones

One of the most important issues that is becoming more important with the development of smart devices is information security. In some cases, we all use files that are very important to us and we do not want anyone to access them. By default, the Android operating system consists of several layers of security, which does its best to protect users’ information, but sometimes the user’s negligence causes the profiteer to access the device’s password. In such cases, using peripherals is one of the best options that helps to hide any file and do not let anyone see them. Gallery App Lock Behind Calculator ProIs the title of an app to hide files in the form of calculators, which was developed by GoNext App Developers for Android devices and published on Google Play. The above program with a smart cover helps its users to hide their images or video files and not let anyone access them. As is clear from the title of the program, the best feature of this software is the protection of information in the form of a calculator that intruders can not detect. With this startup, the risk of leaking security software is eliminated and by running the calculator, they are even able to perform their simple calculations. To enter the above app, just enter the password and then you can access all the hidden information.


Gallery App Lock Behind Calculator Pro


The Gallery App Lock Behind Calculator application, with the benefit of various features and capabilities, was able to be published by its developer for free with a $ 1.99 in-net payment on Google Play, and the full and purchased version is now in front of you. Note that this application has not wholesale and perceptions of the site Usroid undoubtedly will be among the first users in the country and the world.

Version v1.0.2 changes:

* There are no changes in Google Play for this version of the program.