Game Booster Free Power GFX Lag Fix v66 – Android Gaming Lag Fix App
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Game Booster Free Power GFX Lag Fix is a professional gaming application and a suitable option for fixing game lag issues, developed by TOLAN and published on Google Play. Unlike the not-so-distant past when even the simplest mobile phones were very expensive, nowadays, smartphone enthusiasts can buy their favorite smartphones at a relatively affordable price. The variety of these devices has increased so much that manufacturers introduce several new models every year and try to use the most powerful hardware in their productions. The use of powerful and high-level hardware has attracted the attention of developers and game studios, creating conditions where we now see mobile gamers! If you talked about mobile gamers a few years ago, anyone could be surprised, but today even some streamers on social networks such as Twitch or even YouTube stream mobile games. With all these interpretations, sometimes some smartphones face problems when running some games. Problems such as intermittent lag due to high graphics in the game or delays in executing commands due to high ping! Generally, mobile games provide users with options in their settings to optimize graphics, but as you know, these settings are not extensive. In such conditions, one of the best apps that can help you is Game Booster Free Power GFX Lag Fix. With this software, you will be able to optimize your smartphone for running various games in just a few seconds and enjoy a smooth gameplay.

Fixing Mobile Game Ping Issues with Game Booster Free Power GFX Lag Fix

One of the problems that many mobile gamers, especially Iranians, face is high ping in games. High ping means a significant delay in executing commands, which makes it difficult to react appropriately in games like Call of Duty or PUBG. Various solutions have been proposed to address this issue, but one of the newest and most effective ones is to use the Game Booster Free Power GFX Lag Fix app. With this intelligent app, you can optimize your device’s ping with just one touch and enjoy online games to the fullest.

Optimizing Android Game Graphics

Sometimes it is observed that some smartphones do not use a powerful graphics processor despite having a powerful processor. For this reason, some high-graphics games may experience problems such as lag during execution. One of the best options we can suggest to solve this issue is to use auxiliary tools. Start-up Game Booster Free Power GFX Lag Fix is one of those tools that allows its users to easily make extensive changes to game graphics and run them in their desired resolutions. This program provides us with three diverse setting options, each of which will affect the graphics in some way.

Freeing up RAM and Processor

As you already know, one of the reasons for game crashes or slow performance is due to occupied RAM or processor. However, one of the best solutions available for smooth game performance is to free up the processor and RAM before running any game. The Game Booster Free Power GFX Lag Fix software automatically frees up these memories with its intelligent system and allows users to run their favorite games without any problems.

Some features of Game Booster Free Power GFX Lag Fix Android app:

  • Optimizing smartphones for lag-free gaming
  • Turbo boost option for maximum use of smartphone resources
  • Checking device stability and fixing any issues
  • Optimizing ping for online games with just one touch
  • Adjusting game graphics settings
  • Ability to run games in 2560 resolution
  • Simulating HDR graphics on older smartphones

Game Booster Free Power GFX Lag Fix app has been released for free on Google Play Store by its developer, utilizing its various features and capabilities. You can now download the latest official version of this professional game booster without any limitations, accessing its features from high-speed servers of Usroid website.


Game Booster Free Power GFX Lag Fix