Gaming Mode – The Ultimate Game Experience Booster v1.9.0 – Android game optimizer
Professional and complete version of the program worth $ 149.99 for the first time in Iran

We all know that today, thanks to the powerful hardware used in Android smart devices, many users install various games in their spare time to spend their time. The console graphics of these games and their fascinating stories are such that the developers pay special attention to this issue and try to present flawless games. It is sometimes seen that in some smartphones, our favorite games are run with lag and delay in executing commands, which is directly related to other running programs! Some software runs in the background occupy RAM and take up much of the processing. That’s why using game boosters is one of the best ways to solve these problems. Gaming Mode – The Ultimate Game Experience Booster is a game optimization tool for Android developed by Zipoapps and published on Google Play. As mentioned in the above description, this unique program allows users to play your favorite games in the best condition without any lag by providing users with access to a variety of features. After installation, a list of available games is displayed, and by touching each game and entering it, many unnecessary background processes are stopped to have a new experience of a flawless performance. Another feature of this startup is the mode of preventing interference while playing; In such a way that after receiving your favorite game, any incoming call will be rejected completely automatically and notifications will not be displayed. Of course we have to say that these settings are different for each game and you are able to create different configurations for different games.

Some features and capabilities of Gaming Mode – The Ultimate Game Experience Booster Android app:

  • Professional game booster to run games without any lag or delay
  • Interference mode to automatically reject incoming calls while playing games
  • Prevent notifications from being displayed
  • Stop background programs and free up RAM
  • Run games with maximum quality and speed
  • Create a whitelist of software that you do not intend to stop
  • Various configurations for each game


Gaming Mode application – The Ultimate Game Experience Booster, with its various features and capabilities in the field of perfect execution of games by its developer for free with a payment within the network of $ 149.99 has been released and was able to score 4.4 out of 5.0 By users, you can now download the latest professional version for free from the large Usroid website.


Gaming Mode - The Ultimate Game Experience Booster