Gangsters 1920 v1.21 – Interesting and fascinating adventure game “Gangsters 1920” for Android,
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Gangsters 1920 – Gangsters 1920 is a very attractive game in the genre of adventure games and a combination of puzzle and tactical style games, which has been prepared and developed in the form of a very well-made and simple game. The gangster game 1920 was made by the German game studio Sunlight Games GmbH and is available for sale on Google Play for $ 2.99. Sunlight Games is the creator of other creative games such as the Gold Rush game series that we introduced in Usroid many years ago, and this time we have decided to make Gangsters 1920 as the first Iranian website.Introduce your service, dear friends, and prepare the latest version as purchased and provide it for free download. In the first run and encounter with this game, you will be thrilled with its gameplay and masterpiece designs. This gameplay is designed with great simplicity at the same time, which will provide you with a very smooth and lovely experience. In Gangsters 1920, which is an adaptation of the retro-style games of the 80s and 90s, you will travel to the 20s and be assigned as a special detective named Lake to the case of a major theft from the central bank of a city. Pursue and find and arrest the criminals and thieves who were involved in this theft. But this story is more complicated than you think!


Gangsters 1920


In Gangsters 1920, which is designed as a tactical game, you have to take control of the main character from a third person view. In terms of design style, it should be said that the game Gangsters 1920 is very similar to the famous game Spy Tacticshas it. The whole game takes place in closed and square spaces and you can move the game character around with the help of 4 virtual buttons. The nature of the gameplay is to interact with game items and solve puzzles and riddles. In different parts of the game you will encounter many different characters and you will receive a lot of information from them. The dialogues, information and tips that are displayed to you play a very important role in the game process. Therefore, it must be said that in order to properly understand the adventure process of the game, you must be familiar with English. The characters in this game may be your friend or foe. In this game, there are many puzzles and codes to find that you must follow the game with high concentration to discover them. Game designs and modeling are all three-dimensional and the graphics are very smooth and attractive. You will realize this when you start moving with the main character of the game. All these admirable features are gathered in a relatively small game. Can you discover the secret of this great theft? Prepare yourself for an exciting adventure in the simulated world of the 1920s, which was the golden age of the Western Mafia, and solve this particular case in the role of a versatile detective. You can now get the purchased version of Gangsters 1920 tested and free from high-speed serversDownload Usroid and become a real detective!

Changes in version v1.21:

* Added new features + various optimizations.