Garden Mania 3 v4.3.7 + Mod – “Gardening Lover 3” Puzzle and Fun Game for Android
Regular version + mod version (unlimited money) separately
Tested for offline play

Garden Mania 3 – گاردن مانیا 3 (Gardening Lover 3) is the third installment in the Garden Mania series of puzzle and arcade games. With its fantastic and childlike designs, it is undoubtedly one of the most cheerful and cute mobile games available. This game was developed by the creative Chinese studio Ezjoy and is available for Android phones and tablets for free (with in-app purchases). The latest version of the game, along with its modified version, is available for download on Usroid. Ezjoy has a special talent for creating childlike puzzle and arcade games and has produced many popular games in this genre, such as Bird Paradise and Ice Crush. However, it must be said that the Garden Mania series is the most popular game created by this studio. In this article, Usroid is introducing the third part of this lovable series. So, stay tuned with Usroid to get familiar with Garden Mania 3. This attractive and beautiful game has the same childlike designs as before, but with significant improvements in graphics and gameplay to once again delight fans of this series. As mentioned, this game has childlike designs, and everything in this game is ideal for children aged 3 to 7. From fantastic graphics and colorful cartoon designs to incredibly cute characterizations, sound effects, and suitable background music, Garden Mania 3 offers all the features that make it a captivating and appealing game.


Garden Mania 3


In the game Garden Mania 3, like other games in this series, the main style is a type of puzzle and match-3 game that is presented in the form of a skill game. In Garden Mania 3, you play as a gardener who loves his job and loves the fruits he grows just like his children. The game has two main sections, the most important of which is the puzzle and match-3 gameplay section, which is in the style of Match 3 puzzles. In this section, you enter puzzle stages in which there are dozens and perhaps hundreds of colorful fruit items. Your task is to place similar fruits next to each other horizontally or vertically. For example, you must place at least 3 tomatoes next to each other to get their points. The more fruits of the same type that are next to each other, the more points you will receive. To do this, simply drag the items around and swap them with adjacent items. Like other similar match-3 games, Garden Mania 3 also has many side features and capabilities that you can use to progress better in the game and complete stages more effectively. In the second section, you must cultivate your small garden by planting fruits and taking care of them. You must use different fruits, water them, and when they grow enough, harvest them. The beautiful and enjoyable game Garden Mania 3 is now available for download along with a modified version from Usroid. This game can not only be an entertaining game but also a game to strengthen the minds and focus of children. Garden Mania 3 has had more than 1 million downloads and has succeeded in achieving a score of 4.7 out of 5.0.