Gennady: Dash of Rampage + Mod – Android Angry Arcade Game
Regular version + Mod version (unlimited money + no ads) separately
Tested with offline execution

Gennady: Dash of Rampage is the name of an arcade game developed by Make Digital Agency for mobile devices running on the Android operating system. Gennady: Dash of Rampage can be described as a 2D platformer – side scroller game. The game does not offer a specific story. Throughout the game, you control a character who wears a sweatband and shorts and has a very angry face. At the beginning, a series of instructions in the form of text boxes appear on your device’s screen, teaching you what to do. Your goal in the game is to advance through endless stages and earn the highest score possible, breaking your previous records. The game stages are full of traps that intend to kill you. While you have 5 hearts available, they can quickly run out with the large number of traps in the game, causing you to game over and return to the beginning. Therefore, do not expect Gennady: Dash of Rampage stages to be like walking in a park on a sunny day. However, it should be noted that this game is not a punishing game. The game stages are well-balanced and challenging, and although you will face many challenges throughout the game, with a little gameplay and gaining experience, you can easily set high records for yourself. So if you enjoy this type of game, Gennady: Dash of Rampage will definitely be a fun game for you!


Gennady Underpants of rage


Gennady: Dash of Rampage uses very simple gameplay mechanics. Everything you need to do in this game is summarized in jumping over platforms and crossing traps. If you are familiar with 2D side-scrolling platformer games, the game controls will be very easy for you. You just need to try to move forward and break obstacles by swiping up, down, and forward, and by jumping and dashing, cross the traps, and be careful not to lose your valuable hearts. The world you are in is also a fantasy world, which is why the developers’ hands were open in creating strange and unusual obstacles and traps. This has made the game have good diversity in this regard. As for the graphics and sound design, I must say that the game’s graphics are minimalist and very simple, and there are no special sound effects to focus on, and it seems that the focus has been on its gameplay for developers. Overall, Gennady: Dash of Rampage is an entertaining game and can definitely bring a different experience for you, and we definitely recommend it. The Usroid team intends to provide the tested and completely free Gennady: Dash of Rampage game for you dear ones. You can now download this game from our servers at the end of the article and enjoy playing it!