GeoFS – Flight Simulator v1.7.0 – Interesting and entertaining game “GeoFS Flight Simulator” for Android + trailer of
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GeoFS – Flight Simulator – Flight Simulator GeoFS is a well-made and very graphic game in the style of flight simulator games with various aircraft from the Dutch studio GeoFS, which is produced and offered for money for the Android operating system. The game is priced at $ 5.99 on Google Play, but you can buy the first version in IranDownload from Usroid website. GeoFS – Flight Simulator, like dozens of other games in the same genre, is a seemingly simple simulator of flying and piloting aircraft. But there is a major difference in this game that makes it completely different from other games in this genre, and that is having a multiplayer part with an interesting mechanism. This game is one of the most evolved games offered in this genre with real designs from air routes maps of international airports in the world. This game receives new information from the maps online and shows the updated routes to the players in the relevant section. Players can also direct the aircraft to the desired points by determining their route from the same maps.


GeoFS - Flight Simulator


In the multiplayer part of GeoFS – Flight Simulator gameYou can play on maps that other players are on and pilot on routes that other planes pass through! For this section, you can first register an exclusive name for yourself and play in different rooms. In the GeoFS flight simulator game, there are eleven different types of aircraft from different categories and uses, such as passenger planes, single-engine recreational aircraft or even fighter jets. The whole game GeoFS – Flight Simulator is a simulation title and there is no news about different missions and stages in it. Therefore, there is no need to raise money or buy other things, and you can select any model of aircraft you want at any time in the game and continue the route with that aircraft. There are several settings and capabilities in the GeoFS flight simulator game that allow you to experience a realistic game. Fully detailed 3D graphics and modeling make this game one of the most graphic simulation titles. You can also increase or decrease the graphic details to achieve the desired gameplay and graphics. This game is currently purchased and tested fromUsroid is ready for download.

Note: In the first run of the game to download some information requires an Internet connection. Online parts of the game also require the Internet.

Changes in version v1.7.0:

* Optimize and improve game performance
* Redesign DC-3 and Piper J3 Cub aircraft
* Update map interface