Geology Toolkit Premium v2019.6.0 – Professional and Extensive Geology Android Toolbox
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Geology Toolkit Premium is an extensive geology program published by Andrei Ionut Apopei for lovers of this particular field. This program allows its users to examine materials and minerals or to examine them under a microscope! A set of rocks and minerals are included in this special software, which you can examine each layer by layer to get a deep understanding of the middle layers. In addition to stones and simulated materials, more than 59 photos of stones and materials are included in various categories of the application, which will help you to better understand the stones. One of the most important issues for geologists is the hardness of rocks or other materials in natureIn this regard, one of the categories in the Geology Toolkit is related to the hardness of rocks in the world, which shows you detailed information about the hardness and the difference between each rock and another rock. The above program has various capabilities and features that you can join us to learn about them!

Some features and capabilities of Geology Toolkit Premium Android:

  • Incredibly beautiful and attractive design
  • Geological test to test the amount of information you have
  • Section dedicated to the mine and related information
  • Introducing more than 59 special and famous minerals
  • Examine the various stones under a microscope!
  • Real images of different stones in high resolution
  • Search among rocks and minerals
  • Introducing different types of minerals
  • Check the hardness of different stones
  • Texture and microstructure of igneous rocks
  • QAPF interactive charts
  • 48 crystal shapes with Miller axis and index
  • Periodic table of elements
  • Glossary and geological terms

Application of geology Geology Toolkit Premium to affect a lot of information about the geology has a price of 3.39 dollars Score 4.4 from 5.0 receive now the newest version purchased it for free from the server full Get the speed of Usroid site.


Geology Toolkit Premium