GeoPosition v5.0.0 – Android app for saving and displaying geographical coordinates
The fully purchased version of the program is priced at $5.99

GeoPosition is an application developed by OrbitalMotion and published on Google Play for storing and displaying geographic coordinates. Every point we are on has geographic coordinates. The expansion of technology and the prevalence of GPS technology have made it easy to obtain these coordinates through smartphones. We can use several methods and various startup apps to access this information. However, one of the problems we often face is the complex management options and lack of easy access to stored locations. This is the reason for introducing an extraordinary and exclusive app in this post. GeoPosition software is one of the best available apps for storing geographic positions and accessing these coordinates. Simply view the online maps and select your desired point with a touch. One reason this program stands out from its competitors is the ability to provide these coordinates in four different formats, each of which uses numerical formats at specific locations and times. In addition, several diverse modes are available for viewing maps, and activating each of them depends solely on your needs. As mentioned above, unlike many similar apps, access to stored locations is very easy and can be called up in just a fraction of a second. You are not limited in sharing stored coordinates and can send them to your friends in various ways. In addition, a variety of settings are available to change display options after selecting coordinates.

Some features and capabilities of the GeoPosition Android app:

  • Access to geographical coordinates of various points with just one touch
  • Display of geographical coordinates in four formats: decimal, sexagesimal, UTM, and MGRS
  • Display of online maps in three different modes
  • View a list of all saved coordinates without any limitations
  • Share all geographical coordinates with your friends
  • Various settings to make changes to all display options
  • An internal training system for proper use of the program
  • A very simple and easy-to-use interface

The GeoPosition application, with its special features and capabilities in displaying geographical coordinates, has been published by its developer on Google Play for $5.99. You can now purchase the latest version without any limitations from the popular website Usroid.