Gerand – bent barrels 1.1 + Mod – Exciting action game Grand – Battle of tanks one on one
Normal version + mod version (free in-game purchases) separately
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Gerand – bent barrels is a very exciting and fun fighting game from this game studio in which you have to take control of a tank and in breathtaking battles with the enemies that are in front of you and you Attack, challenge your fighting skills. Your task is to do your best to destroy the enemies in front of you in the shortest possible time. If you defeat enemies, you get money and you can buy new and more powerful tanks and also upgrade your tanks with more deadly and newer equipment. Gerand – bent barrels has a very beautiful and eye-catching graphic space and wonderful sounds that create a very attractive atmosphere for this game. The artistic design of the game is cartoon and two-dimensional and several different battlefields are designed for the game. In addition, the tanks also have unique and tasteful designs that are interesting in their own way. The sound is excellent and the engine sound of the tanks varies according to the type of tank and the sound of the tanks firing according to the type of ammunition. The game has two modes “single player” and “online combat 1 × 1”. Of course, the developers have also promised the “2 vs 2 online campaigns” mode, which could be a very interesting surprise for this game in the future. Therefore, ‌ If fighting games and tank battles are appealing to you, ‌ we suggest you do not miss Gerand – bent barrels in any way!


Gerand - are barrels


Gerand – bent barrels has a very simple gameplay. In “single player” mode, you can choose your own tank and fight your enemies in various game fields such as “Winter Forest”, “Ruined City”, “Wasteland”, etc. Gradually, as you progress in this mode, you will encounter very powerful enemy tanks and their much more powerful bosses. You have to try and improve your combat tactics with trial and error so that you can defeat stronger enemies. After you get a little worried about the game and master your fighting tactics, you can enter the online part of the game and fight with other gamers from around the world. The game’s combat system is also very interesting. During battles, you have to gather all your intelligence and focus and focus on accurate shooting and destroying the enemy in front of you. Tanks have a health bar, and when this bar is zero, the tanks explode. Obviously, you have to try to blow up the tank in front of you as soon as possible so that you can win the battle. But the interesting thing about the tanks’ health bar is that if the tanks are too damaged, their bullets will be tilted before they explode, making it difficult to target the enemy. This is a very interesting mechanism that can be said to be almost unique to this game. The fire and tank control system is also very simple. With the virtual joystick on the left side of your device screen, you can control your tank, and with the virtual fire buttons on the right side of your device screen, you can shoot at the enemy tank. The shots also have a collision mode and you should not overuse them. With more than 1.000.000 downloads, Gerand – bent barrels was able to get a score of 4.0 out of 5.0 in the Android Market, and the Usroid team intends to test the original and modded versions of this popular game without any restrictions and completely Free to provide to your loved ones. You can now download this game through the direct links at the bottom of the article and enjoy it!