German Verbs Pro: conjugation translation grammar v4.1.150 verbs pro – Regular and Irregular Verbs Teaching App for Android Android
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German is a language of the Indo-European language family and a member of the Germanic language branch, mostly spoken in Central Europe. One of the reasons for the great importance of this language is the presentation of scientific articles and documents with it; It can be said that most documents after English are presented in German. Learning this language has its own difficulties that perhaps the most difficult part of learning it is its verbs. German Verbs Pro: conjugation translation grammarTitle is an application for teaching regular and irregular German verbs, developed by Netzverb® Deutsch for Android devices and published on Google Play. Just install this software and access a huge database of verb types. More than 23,000 regular and irregular verbs are included in the database, among which you will be able to search and see different forms of their expression. There are several different features in the list of features and explanations of the developer, and playing the verbs in audio can be considered one of the best ones, which helps you to play them in the best possible way while learning. Highlight the grammatical information you want so that you can access it in a short time if needed.

Some features and capabilities of German Verbs Pro: conjugation translation grammar Android:

  • Access to over 23,887 forms of German verbs
  • Search the existing database
  • Complete vocabulary for Zertifikat B1 offline
  • Translate verbs into several different languages
  • Display each verb in all moods and tenses
  • Categorize verbs according to your personal taste
  • Audio play of verbs in different modes
  • Highlight grammatical information
  • Verbs with rules and irregularities
  • Download complete verb tables in PDF format
  • Support for translating verbs into sweet Persian

Application German Verbs Pro: conjugation translation grammar to benefit from the features and functionality of its own has been able to price $ 3.49 was rated 4.6 out of 5.0 by users, Google Play downloads, which can now use the newest version purchased it from the website Download Usroid ; In our version all features are available for free.

Note: Using the SAI software that is available in the program folder, check the installation file of the program along with all the splits and perform the installation steps.


German Verbs Pro conjugation translation grammar