Gfycat Loops: GIF Cam + Recorder v0.2.27 – Application for creating and accessing GIF Android images of
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GIF images are one of the most used image formats by users in the last few years and are shared on every social network; Creating gif images, unlike the last few years, is no longer difficult, and only with a simple tool you will be able to create your favorite gifs. Gfycat Loops: GIF Cam + Recorder is an application for creating and accessing various gifs by Gfycat, Inc. for Android.Developed and published in the big Google Play Market. With this software, you will be able to create your favorite animated images and share them with your friends with the camera of a smart device or by visiting the gallery. One of the big differences of this program compared to other apps in Android markets is the different ways of making gif images; So that just by inserting a link from your short video without the need to download the video, the gif image can be created and stored in the smartphone memory! If you are looking for an application to create gif images, try Gfycat Loops!

Some features and capabilities of Gfycat Loops app: GIF Cam + Recorder Android:

  • Create fun gifs with camera or memory card videos
  • Capture gif image from various application or game environments
  • Create gifs via video links without the need to download
  • Ability to search among a huge range of gif images
  • Categorize all gifs in the database
  • Share animated images with your friends on social networks
  • Manage your personal account

Application Gfycat Loops: GIF Cam + Recorder supports set Gyf different and means different in the field of motion pictures by your developer for free in the large supermarket Google releases that can now use the newest version of its main Download from the fast servers of Usroid site.

Changes in version v0.2.27:

* Added new stickers.


Gfycat Loops: GIF Cam+Recorder