Ghost Music Player Pro v2.4.4 Paid – Gast Smart Music Player for Android!
Purchased version worth $ 3.49

Ghost Music Player Pro is a simple yet smart music player from Ankit P Agrawal programming studio for Android devices, which as always, we have decided to provide a professional version and unlock it to our users! Ghost Music Player ProIt is one of the innovative and revolutionary music players in Android, which is constantly updated and new features are added to each version. Access a collection of all your audio and music files and view them based on various criteria such as album, artist, folder and… on your smart device. The high quality of this music player eliminates the need for other programs in any way and with its powerful feature enables you to easily edit and save your audio file tags. One of the capabilities of smart devices that users have recently used is the creation of shortcuts by the buttons on the headset or handsfree, which are offered to users in the form of standalone applications, but this new music player Avaraneh has met all the needs of users and has included this feature in the designed application; Just shake your smartphone to get the music running or the next music playing!

Some features and capabilities of Ghost Music Player Pro Android app:

  • 16 graphic and beautiful themes
  • Access to 36 different colors in themes
  • Unique ability to edit meta tags in any audio file
  • Display music in a folder
  • Ability to see artist album instead of just artist name
  • CrossFade در PlayPause
  • Change the length and duration of CrossFade
  • Ability to change one, two or three times by pressing the handsfree button to change or stop the music
  • Display playback speed and transmitted bit of audio file
  • Display the total number of music running in the folder and music left and not played
  • Ability to display artist albums in 6 different styles
  • Access to 7-band equalizer
  • Presets for different music genres
  • Home screen widgets in three different sizes
  • Sleep timer option
  • Customize the app from every aspect
  • Create a personal playlist
  • Consumes only 10 MB of RAM

Trichome Player Ghost Music Player Pro released by Usroid , the purchased version is able to price $ 3.49 Score 4.6 from 5.0 received that can now get it for free and receive your audio files to distribute and manage!

Changes in version v2.4.4:

* New features + various optimizations and game troubleshooting.


Ghost Music Player Pro